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    Current Energy Level and Real-time Inputs
    This is the main data Endel uses for sound personalization with your permission. Learn more about energy levels and inputs hereor else ‘Tap for Details’. 



    • Relax
      Calms your mind and creates a feeling of comfort with soothing sound textures.
    • Focus
      Helps you concentrate on tasks and keeps you in the flow with percussions purposely harmonized with the heartbeat.
    • Sleep
      Soothes you into sleep and gives a good rest with delta waves modulating noise.

    Find the recommendations for their best use here.



    • Play/Pause
    • AirPlay (iOS)
      Stream the sound to a wireless speaker or smart TV.
    • Timer
      Schedule your next deep work session or drift off to sleep.
    • What’s New
      Find some news and tips to read in this content section.
    • Three Dots
      Get a Weekly Insights report, customize your Settings, contact Support.


    Short-term soundscapes for specific daily activities. Choose your option and set the custom timer — for your convenience, the count will be saved for the next sessions.


    Animation reacts to changes in inputs and, thereby, the sound. By the direction of the flow, you can judge if the energy is on the rise or on the wane with a single glance.


    Your weekly personal statistics. It updates every Monday when you use the app regularly.

    Discover the options here.

    Send requests and ask your questions to our support team openly — we would appreciate it if you first browse our FAQ section for similar cases.


  • You want to learn more about energy levels and personal inputs

    Daily Energy Cycles

    The energy level hints at the main Endel screen mark the current phase of biological rest-activity, and sleep-wake cycles — or ultradian and circadian rhythms. The phases change every 20 minutes, going through highs and lows wave-like, and forming a daily cycle, universal for life on Earth.

    Once you harmonize your periods of high and low activity with this cycle, your daily productivity and wellbeing boost. See where you are on the scheme below — and choose accordingly: both your next move and a matching Endel soundscape.


    This is a basic 24-hours model of a perfectly productive day, as suggested by studies of the biological rhythms. Everyone certainly has individualities and externalities that will shift this pattern. Soon we’ll personalize this daily energy curve for every Endel user.

    Ultradian rhythm is a rest-activity cycle that regulates cognitive state, mood, and energy level. It consists of 110-minute loops of the energy’s up and down phases.

    Circadian rhythm is a sleep-wake cycle that regulates the secretion of a ‘sleep’ hormone called melatonin. This process is constantly fine-tuned with natural light level.

    Endel uses these universal rhythms as a baseline for sound personalization.

    Personal Inputs 


    Personal inputs — heart rate, weather, motion type, and natural light — are essential for Endel to realign your current state with the circadian and ultradian rhythms. This is made possible by an adaptive soundscape.

    The input that currently matters most is shown in the app below the circadian/ultradian phase.

    Natural light
    Light makes the biggest difference for the circadian rhythm. Even when you are not exposed to it directly, your body feels any change in light conditions. Endel tracks the natural light level and compensates for the lack (or excess) of it by adapting the soundscape’s intensity.

    Heart rate
    Endel adjusts the beat to your resting heart rate by comparing it to your real-time heart rate from the Health (iOS) or Google Fit (Android) app.

    Endel reacts to the outdoor temperature with variations in sound layers.

    Motion type
    Endel alters sound intensity according to the number of steps taken per minute.

    Sound Personalization


    Endel’s sound engine — Endel Pacific — consists of sound layers, modulations, and effects — all created in line with psychoacoustic studies. An algorithm processes user-state information and generates a soundscape accordingly — by constructing unique combinations of Endel Pacific's components.

    Soundscapes adjust automatically through the day and fine-tune by user-state inputs — to provide the right sound intensity at any phase of the biological rhythms.


  • You have a promo code

    Congratulations! Follow this activation link: https://code.endel.io

  • You want to cancel your subscription

    On an iOS phone or tablet:

    1. Open General Settings.
    2. Scroll down to iTunes & App Stores.
    3. Tap your Apple ID > View Apple ID.
    4. Scroll down to 'Subscriptions' (you won't find it, if you don't have any).
    5. Find Endel in the list and cancel the subscription.


    On an Android phone or tablet: 

    1. Open the Google Play Store.
    2. Check you’re signed in to the correct Google Account.
    3. Tap Menu > 'Subscriptions'.
    4. Select Endel and tap 'Cancel subscription'.


    On a Mac

    1. Open the App Store app.
    2. Click the sign-in button or your profile name on the bottom of the sidebar.
    3. Click 'View Information' at the top-right of the window.
    4. Scroll down to 'Subscriptions' and click 'Manage'.
    5. Click 'Edit' next to Endel subscription.


    Please note: if not canceled properly, the subscription is seen by all the Stores as active (and subject to recurring payment) — even after you delete the app. This applies to any app, not exclusively Endel. 

  • You want to upgrade your subscription to a lifetime plan

    Thank you for this!

    1. Cancel your subscription auto-renewal as explained in the item above ('You want to cancel your subscription')

    2. Wait till your current subscription expires

    3. Open the app and you'll see the Lifetime option on the payment screen

    As technically the lifetime plan is not a subscription — it's a one-time purchase — none of the Stores let you upgrade your current plan via subscription management.

  • You want to enjoy Endel for free

    First, you are welcome to try our apps.

    The first week is always free, with no strings attached once you skip the initial payment screen by tapping 'X' in the top-right corner. Your free 7-days trial will then start automatically.

    Then, there is a free version of Endel, compatible with any browser: https://play.endel.io/

    For this special project, our algorithm teamed up with Toro y Moi and other artists he invited. Together they've created four new functional soundscapes — different from what you'll find on our apps. While the web version lacks a few personal inputs — such as your heart rate, motion, and weather — the soundscapes are still adaptive, evolving with the circadian rhythm and the time zone.

    Finally, we stream our Sleep soundscape 24/7 on the Twitch website: https://twitch.tv/endel

    Originally, designed for gamers to restore their sleep-wake cycles, but you are welcome to use it for your own benefit. This is the basic, non-personalized version of Endel, yet the sound is science-backed, and therefore healthful for your sleep.

    It's up to you to decide which Endel format fits your needs best — they are all our favourites!

  • You miss the heart rate data in the app

    To personalize the soundscapes, Endel uses real-time heart rate data.

    Currently, only three smartwatch / tracking systems can provide that — Apple Watch for iOS mobiles, Wear OS by Google smartwatches and Samsung's Tizen for Android mobiles.

    If you use Fitbit or other trackers, unfortunately they are not compatible with Endel's heart rate feature. But we are working on that, too!

  • You subscribed by mistake and want a refund

    If you purchased your subscription through the App Store, you need to contact Apple Support directly. Here are refund instructions you might find useful: https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT204084. We wish we could help, but only the App Store can manage refunds for the purchases made with Apple iTunes accounts.

    If you purchased your subscription through the Google Play Store, please send us your payment receipt at ask@endel.io within 30 days. You will find it in your inbox by searching for ‘Google Play Store.’ As soon as we have the transaction number from your receipt (starting with GPA), we will be able to refund the money. You’ll see it back in your bank account in 3–10 days. 

    Please note, we make refunds for the ‘12 Months’ subscription plans only.

  • You want to make sure that your account won't be billed when the free trial period ends

     You haven't started the trial period:

    Tap "X" in the top right corner on the payment screen. Your trial will start instantly — with no commitment to pay in 7 days.


    You’ve already started the trial period:

    Cancel the subscription in the Settings (iOS) or the Google Play Store, as explained above (refer to the item 'You want to cancel your subscription').


    Please note: if not canceled properly, the subscription is seen as active (and subject to recurring payment) — even after you delete the app. This applies to all apps, not just Endel.

  • You don't see your subscription after an update

    Tap "Restore purchases" on the payment screen (try "Settings" in the three-dots menu if you don't see it right away). 

    Your subscription will resume in a few moments.

  • You’ve been logged out of your Endel account after an update
    1. First, try logging in.
    2. If that fails, reset the password (tap the “?”).
    3. If that doesn’t work, too, create an account.

    Don't worry, neither the App Store nor the Google Play Store will let you have two Endel subscriptions on the same device. So, you'll never pay twice — even if logging in with an email and then with Facebook, etc.

  • You want to use Endel on multiple devices

    You can use your subscription simultaneously on several devices and even with different operating systems. For this, we came up with the idea of an Endel account—after you create yours, the app automatically links your subscription to it (if that didn’t happen, tap ‘Restore’ in the Profile Settings). Now log into your Endel account on another device and have a good time while using the app with your subscription.

  • You want to use Endel offline

    You can use Endel even with no internet connection. For example, on an airplane. Our algorithm generates sound directly on your device. However, when offline, you can’t purchase a subscription (as you need a Store app for it), read articles in the “What’s new” content section and contact support. But you will be able to relax, fall asleep, or focus for sure.

  • You want to change the language of the app

    If you use Endel on an iOS device, you can change the app language in the General settings: find Endel in the application list, open Settings, and select your language in the Preferred Languages menu.

    If you use Endel on an Android device, the app automatically switches to this device’s primary language. To change the language of Endel: 

    1. Open Settings of your device. 
    2. Scroll down to Additional settings, open.
    3. Tap on Languages & Input.
    4. In Languages, choose the preferred language. 

    If we haven’t translated Endel to your preferred language yet, you will see the app in English on any device.

  • You are keen to know more about Endel

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  • You like the app and want to help

    Rate Endel on the App Store or Google Play Store.

    And just keep using the app. With your friends, perhaps?

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