• Endel User Guide


    Current Energy Level and Real-Time Inputs
    These are the main ways that Endel provides sound personalization, all gathered with your permission. Learn more about energy levels and inputs hereotherwise ‘Tap for Details’ on the main screen.



    • Relax
      Calms your mind and creates a feeling of comfort using soothing sound textures.
    • Focus
      Helps you concentrate on tasks and keeps you in the flow with percussion harmonized to the human heartbeat.
    • Sleep
      Soothes you into restful and restorative sleep with delta wave modulation.

    Find our recommendations for best use here.



    • Play/Pause
    • AirPlay (iOS)
      Stream the sound to a wireless speaker or smart TV.
    • Timer
      Schedule your next deep work session or just drift off to sleep.
    • What’s New
      Find important news about Endel and tips for daily well-being.
    • Three Dots
      Receive a Weekly Insights report, customize your Settings, or contact Support.


    Short soundscapes designed for specific daily activities. Choose your option and set the custom timer — for your convenience, the count will be saved for future sessions.


    Like our audio, animations react to changes in input. By the direction of the flow, you can quickly judge if the energy is rising or falling with a single glance.


    Your weekly personal statistics. It updates every Monday when you use the app regularly.

    Discover all the options here.

    Send any thoughts or questions to our support team — but we appreciate it if you check our FAQ section for similar cases first.


  • Apple Podcasts: FAQ

    With iOS 17, Endel Premium users can access Endel on Apple Podcasts.

    Endel Podcasts explore how sound can be beneficial for our sleep and productivity. The shows provide a deeper insight into Endel’s technology and scientific approach, along with some unique sonic content unavailable in the app.

    Where will it be available?

    The exclusive podcast content will be available on Apple Podcasts for Endel Premium users worldwide, who have updated their devices to iOS 17. Currently, the podcasts use the English language for narration.

    What does this benefit include? 

    Users who have an Endel account authorized via Apple ID, subscribed on the App Store on iOS or Mac, and have an Apple device with iOS 17 will have exclusive access to the following:

    • Endel Moments Podcast: a chance to relive your favorite Endel Moments, exclusive in-app events guided by wellness experts and famous musicians;
    • Endel for Sleep Podcast: walk through every stage of Endel’s Sleep routine, learn how each stage is designed, and see for yourself how it sounds and functions;
    • Endel for Focus Podcast: learn more about Endel’s Focus routines and get a demonstration of how the functional sound varies in different phases of the Circadian cycle.

    How do I access it?

    You just need to have installed the Endel app through the App Store, sign in to Endel via the same Apple ID you use for your Podcasts app, and be a paid subscriber to Endel Premium via iOS or Mac. Basic things to keep in mind:

    • Keep in mind that you must be authorized in Endel via Apple ID, the same that you use for your Podcasts app. At this point, other sign-in methods are not eligible for Apple Podcasts access. We will make them available in Q1 2024.
    • Amazon Alexa, Android, and web subscribers are currently ineligible for Apple Podcasts access, too. We will make them eligible by Q1 2024.
    • The content can only be listened to on Apple Podcasts.
    • This is valid for both old and new paying users from the iOS or Mac App Store, provided you used the same Apple ID that you use to access Apple Podcasts.
    • The device must have iOS 17. 

    What if I use Facebook or my email address to sign in to Endel?

    Currently, access to Endel Podcasts is only available for users who access both the Endel app and Podcasts app using the same Apple ID. We're planning to unlock the access for all Endel Premium users, including those who subscribed via web, Alexa, and Android in Q1 2024.

    Is this content on the app?

    No, the app doesn't have podcast content. You can listen to all our podcasts on Apple Podcasts.

  • You don't see your subscription after an update

    Tap "Restore Subscription" on the in-app Settings screen (the user icon in the upper right corner). 

    Your subscription will resume in a few moments.

  • You’ve been logged out of your Endel account after an update
    1. First, try logging in.
    2. If that fails, tap "Restore Subscription" on the in-app Settings screen (the user icon in the upper right corner). Your subscription will resume in a few moments.

      Don't worry, neither the App Store nor the Google Play Store will let you have two Endel subscriptions on the same device. So, you'll never pay twice — even if logging in with an email and then with Facebook, etc.
  • Did you take advantage of one of our holiday offers? Here are the answers to questions you might have

    1. I bought a Lifetime plan and want to cancel my current subscription. How can I do that?

    More about it here. If your active subscription was purchased on our website, you can cancel it here after signing in in the top right corner.


    2. I bought a Lifetime plan, but I don't see it in my subscription list.

    Since Lifetime is technically not a subscription but a one-time purchase, you can find the information about it in the purchase history. More on it here. If you bought Lifetime on our website, it would not appear in your App Store / Google Play purchases. However, you can see your purchase details at payment.endel.io after signing in to your account in the top right corner of the page.


    3. I bought a Lifetime plan, but I still see information about my last subscription in the app.

    There is no error here. This information will be updated after your current subscription expires.


    4. I bought a Lifetime plan, but I still have an active subscription that I also paid for. Can I get some of the money back?

    Unfortunately, we cannot provide partial refunds. But if your subscription is less than 30 days, you can request it from the App Store, Google Play, or us if it was purchased on our website.


    5. Can I share my Lifetime purchase with my family members?

    The Family Sharing feature is fully implemented on the App Store side, and we cannot influence its operation. From our side, all the necessary settings for this function to work are enabled. Detailed instructions for setting up Family Sharing can be found here.


    6. I purchased the Lifetime plan from your website/Google Play, not the App Store. Can I still share it with my family members?

    If you bought a subscription on our website or Google Play, this feature won’t work, as this is an App Store feature and only applies to subscriptions and purchases made in the App Store. However, if you have purchased a subscription on our website or Google Play, you can still share your account with your family members. For this, you need to sign in to Endel in your account on your family member's device. Using the same account on multiple devices does not affect the insights and the inputs the algorithm uses to create the sound. Each device will have its own use history.


    7. I bought a Lifetime plan, but I see "Next billing date 14 March 2255" in my account on the site.

    This is how we indicate the purchase of a Lifetime plan in the user's account. But we understand it can appear confusing, so we have decided to change it in the next update.


  • The sound stops a few seconds after launch (iOS)

    This is a system error caused by the iPhone and Apple Watch versions of Endel not updating at the same time. While Apple engineers are solving it, we recommend that you reinstall the Endel app on your Apple Watch:

    1. Open the App Store and scroll down to the bottom.
      2. Tap Account.
      3. Tap Updates.
      4. Click "Update" next to Endel.

    If you don't use an Apple Watch and are experiencing this error, email us at ask@endel.io, and we'll look into the cause.

  • You want to learn more about energy levels and personal inputs

    Daily Energy Cycles

    You should notice energy level hints at the main Endel screen, marking the current phase of biological rest-activity, and sleep-wake cycles — typically known as ultradian and circadian rhythms. Phases change every 20 minutes, with varying highs and lows that form a daily cycle. This variation is universal to life on Earth.

    Harmonizing your periods of high and low activity with this cycle is a natural way to boost your daily productivity and wellbeing. See where you are on the chart below and choose your next move accordingly, then pick a matching Endel soundscape.


    This is a basic 24-hours model of a perfectly productive day, as suggested by studies of human biological rhythms. Everyone is unique and deals with their own unique stresses, which shift this pattern. Our goal is to personalize this daily energy curve for every Endel user.

    Ultradian rhythm is a rest-activity cycle that regulates cognitive state, mood, and energy level. It consists of roughly 110-minute loops of the energy’s up and down phases.

    Circadian rhythm is a sleep-wake cycle that regulates the secretion of a sleep hormone called melatonin. It repeats every 24 hours and is constantly fine-tuned through natural light level.

    Endel uses these universal rhythms as a baseline for sound personalization.

    Personal Inputs 


    Personal inputs — heart rate, weather, motion type, and natural light — allow Endel to help you realign with the circadian and ultradian rhythms. This is made possible through an adaptive soundscape.

    The most important input for the soundscape playing is shown in-app below the circadian/ultradian phase.

    Natural light
    Light has the biggest impact on the circadian rhythm. Even if you aren't exposed to it directly, your body is sensitive to changes in light conditions. Endel tracks natural light level and compensates by adapting your soundscape, changing sound intensity to maximize your comfort level.

    Heart rate
    Endel adjusts the beat to your resting heart rate by comparing it to your real-time heart rate using data from the Health (iOS) or Google Fit (Android) app.

    Endel reacts to outdoor temperature with sound layer variations.

    Motion type
    Endel alters sound intensity according to the number of steps taken per minute.

    Sound Personalization


    Endel’s sound engine — Endel Pacific — consists of sound layers, modulations, and effects — all created in line with psychoacoustic studies. An algorithm processes user-state information and generates an appropriate soundscape by constructing unique combinations of Endel Pacific's components.

    Soundscapes adjust automatically throughout the day and adapt based on user-state inputs — to provide the right sound intensity at any phase of the biological rhythms.


  • You have a promo code

    Congratulations! Follow this activation link: https://code.endel.io

  • You want to cancel your subscription

    On an iOS phone or tablet:

    1. Open the Settings app .
    2. Tap your name.
    3. Tap Subscriptions.
    4. Tap the subscription.
    5. Tap Cancel Subscription. You might need to scroll down to find the Cancel Subscription button. If there is no Cancel button or you see an expiration message in red text, the subscription is already canceled.


    On an Android phone or tablet:

    1. Open the Google Play app.
    2. At the top right, tap the profile icon.
    3. Tap Payments & subscriptions > Subscriptions.
    4. Select the subscription you want to cancel.
    5. Tap Cancel subscription.
    6. Follow the instructions.


    On a Mac:

    1. Open the App Store app.
    2. Click your name. If you can't find your name, click Sign In.
    3. Click Account Settings.
    4. Scroll to Subscriptions, then click Manage.
    5. Next to the subscription, click Edit.
    6. Click Cancel Subscription. If there is no Cancel or Cancel Subscription button, the subscription is already canceled.


    If you want to cancel the upcoming App Store subscription during the trial, please cancel it at least 24 hours before the trial ends, following Apple's advice.


    Subscriptions purchased through our site can be canceled there, too - payment.endel.io


    If you don't see Endel in the list of subscriptions and on our site, it means that you clicked the cross on the payment screen during onboarding, and the application switched to the Free Edition of Endel with restricted access to the soundscapes library without charges.


    Please note: if not canceled properly, the subscription is seen by both Stores as active (and subject to recurring payment) — even after you delete the app. This applies to all apps, not just Endel.


  • You want to upgrade your subscription to a lifetime plan

    Thank you for this!

    1. Cancel your subscription auto-renewal as explained in the item above ('You want to cancel your subscription')

    2. Wait till your current subscription expires

    3. Open the app and you'll see the Lifetime option on the payment screen

    As technically the lifetime plan is not a subscription — it's a one-time purchase — none of the Stores let you upgrade your current plan via subscription management.

  • You want to enjoy Endel for free

    First, you are welcome to try our apps.

    Take advantage of a free trial for seven days.

    If you want to try the full version of Endel for free, select a yearly subscription on the payment screen when you first launch the app. Then, within seven days, you will have the option to cancel your subscription if you don't want to pay for it. More on how to do it here.

    Use the free version of Endel with no time limits.

    Skip the payment screen by tapping “X” in the top-right corner. The Free Edition of Endel will start automatically. It differs from the full version in the limited set of available soundscapes and the lack of background mode feature. Otherwise, the functionality of the modes available in the free version is not limited in any way compared to the full version. In addition, you can use Endel Free Edition without time limits.

    Singles, albums, and playlists of Endel soundscapes and scenarios for your daily activities are available on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/c/EndelSound.

    Also via streaming services, a complete list of which you can find here: https://ffm.to/aq00dyn.

    Finally, we stream our Sleep soundscape 24/7 on the Twitch website: https://twitch.tv/endel Originally, designed for gamers to restore their sleep-wake cycles, but you are welcome to use it for your own benefit. This is the basic, non-personalized version of Endel, yet the sound is science-backed, and therefore healthful for your sleep.

    It's up to you to decide which Endel format fits your needs best — they are all our favorites!

  • You miss the heart rate data in the app

    To personalize the soundscapes, Endel uses real-time heart rate data.

    Currently, only two smartwatch / tracking systems can provide that — Apple Watch for iOS mobiles, Wear OS by Google smartwatches for Android mobiles.

    If you use Fitbit or other trackers, unfortunately they are not compatible with Endel's heart rate feature. But we are working on that, too!

  • You subscribed by mistake and want a refund

    If you purchased your subscription through the App Store, you need to contact Apple Support directly. Here are refund instructions you might find useful: https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT204084. We wish we could help, but only the App Store can manage refunds for the purchases made with Apple iTunes accounts.

    If you purchased your subscription through the Google Play Store, please send us your payment receipt at ask@endel.io within 30 days. You will find it in your inbox by searching for ‘Google Play Store.’ As soon as we have the transaction number from your receipt (starting with GPA), we will be able to refund the money. You’ll see it back in your bank account in 3–10 days. 

    Please note, we make refunds for the ‘12 Months’ subscription plans only.

  • You want to make sure that your account won't be billed when the free trial period ends

     You haven't started the trial period:

    Tap "X" in the top right corner on the payment screen. Your trial will start instantly — with no commitment to pay in 7 days.


    You’ve already started the trial period:

    Cancel the subscription in the Settings (iOS) or the Google Play Store, as explained above.


    Please note: if not canceled properly, the subscription is seen as active (and subject to recurring payment) — even after you delete the app. This applies to all apps, not just Endel.

  • You want to use Endel on multiple devices

    You want to use your subscription on multiple devices:

    1. Open Endel on the device used to purchase your subscription.
    2. Sign out of your account (tap the three dots > ‘Settings’).
    3. Sign in again using your email: this will link your Endel account with your email address. If you don't see your subscription, tap ‘Restore’.
    4. Sign in using the same email on any new device you’d like to use.
  • You want to use Endel offline

    You can use Endel even with no internet connection. For example, on an airplane. Our algorithm generates sound directly on your device. However, when offline, you can’t purchase a subscription (as you need a Store app for it), read articles in the “What’s new” content section and contact support. But you will be able to relax, fall asleep, or focus for sure.

  • You want to change the language of the app

    If you use Endel on an iOS device, you can change the app language in the General settings: find Endel in the application list, open Settings, and select your language in the Preferred Languages menu.

    If you use Endel on a MacBook, open System Preferences, click Language & Region, then click Apps. Here you can change the primary language for Endel.

    If you use Endel on an Android device, the app automatically switches to this device’s primary language. To change the language of Endel: 

    1. Open Settings of your device. 
    2. Scroll down to Additional settings, open.
    3. Tap on Languages & Input.
    4. In Languages, choose the preferred language. 

    If we haven’t translated Endel to your preferred language yet, you will see the app in English on any device.

  • Endel on Apple Watch

    Main Screen Description

    Tap the upper left corner to choose between Standalone and Companion modes for the Endel app:
    Standalone is a full-featured, independent app for the watchOS that allows you to use Endel without a phone;

    Companion is the remote for your Endel iOS app.


    You’ll find the data that personalizes your Endel sounds in the same tab: 

    real-time heart rate,

    natural light exposure,

    activity level,

    — number of steps taken today.

    To go back to the main screen, tap Cancel.


    The arrow sign in the middle marks the real-time direction of the daily circadian rhythm. Read more about it here.

    The graph underneath helps you understand when the current phase of the circadian rhythm ends and the next begins.


    Plan your rest and activity throughout the day in line with the circadian rhythm, and choose the right Endel soundscape for the energy levels shown on the screen.

    Select a soundscape using the buttons at the bottom of your screen. Tap here for recommendations on daily use.



    Customize your Watch Face with Endel complications. They allow you to know at a glance what phase of the circadian rhythm you’re in at the moment, as well as its duration (in some complications).

    Here’s how to add information from Endel to your watch face:

    1. Open the Watch app on your iPhone.
    2. Tap the My Watch tab, then tap Complications.
    3. Click on Change and select Endel from the list of applications.
    4. Firmly press the display on your watch and tap Customize. 
    5. Swipe left to the edge of the display. If you can add complications to your watch face, they will be listed on the last screen.
    6. Tap a complication to select it, then turn the Digital Crown to choose the Endel complication.
    7. When finished, press the Digital Crown to save changes, then tap the Endel complication icon from your watch face to open it.


  • You want to launch Endel on your iPhone with Siri Shortcuts.

    To launch Endel using voice commands, you need to enable them in the application settings:

    1. Start Endel
    2. Click on the user icon in the upper right corner
    3. Scroll down to Siri Shortcuts and choose Configure

    On this screen, you can add the desired commands so that the next time you want to turn on one of the Endel modes, you can just ask Siri.

    Try using Endel shortcuts in combination with the alarm, calendar, browser, and other commands in your apps:

    1. Open the Shortcuts app
    2. Select the My Shortcuts tab
    3. Browse the Gallery tab for inspiration.

    To pause or stop a soundscape, use the default voice command 'Pause'.

    In 2020, we held an Endel shortcuts competition among our users. The winners were selected by Matthew Cassinelli, one of the creators of the Shortcuts app. You can see his selection here.

    Enjoy using Endel with shortcuts!

  • How to listen to Endel simultaneously with other audio applications

    You can turn on background playback by tapping the AirPlay button at the bottom of the app's main screen and switching the toggle under the AirPlay option. Note that with Background Mode enabled, you won't be able to control Endel playback from your lock screen – only from inside the Endel app. Another essential feature of using this mode is that Endel will keep playing along with any other sound source on your device, including calls.

  • You want to use Endel as an alarm

    Try the Smart Alarm feature in the app, developed with input from scientific advisor Roy Reiman, co-author of the Night Shift and Sleep features in iOS.


    To set the alarm:

    - Tap the timer icon on the home screen

    - Select the "Alarm" tab

    - Schedule a wake-up time

    - Tap "Set Alarm"


    The Sleep soundscape will immediately start playing in the background, so we recommend setting the Endel Smart Alarm just before bed. Leave the application playing overnight, and don’t close it. Five minutes before the scheduled wake-up time, Endel will begin to wake you out of your sleep state smoothly. You will wake up on time, refreshed, and ready to start a new day.


  • Your daily routine is different from the standard (for example, you work at night)

    Set your wake-up time in the Health app and Endel will rebuild your circadian rhythm pattern to suit your daily routine. This feature is currently only available in the iOS app.


    To set the wake-up time:

    - Set your sleep schedule in the Sleep tab in the Health app.


    - Set an alarm through the Clock app.


    Make sure you have allowed Endel to sync data with the Health app.

  • What is the difference between the soundscapes in the app and Endel albums on the streaming platforms?

    The soundscapes in the Endel app are personalized and adaptive: they adapt in real-time to your location, weather, heart rate, motion, and circadian rhythm to maximize the effect. The albums on streaming platforms are generated by the same technology and based on the same psychoacoustic and neuroscientific principles but they are pre-recorded and static.

  • How are the Endel albums on the streaming platforms created? Is it AI? Is there science?

    All Endel albums were generated by Endel Pacific™ — the same AI technology that generates all the adaptive soundscapes in our apps. The sound is pre-recorded and then released on streaming platforms as static albums. The sound in the albums is functional and based on the same psychoacoustic and neuroscientific principles as all Endel soundscapes, only without personalization. It’s another accessible way to experience Endel soundscapes.

  • Why not all the artist collaborations are available in the app?

    The best Endel experience is always in our apps, and we release new soundscapes in the apps as often as we can. Creating a fully-featured adaptive, personalized soundscape takes a lot of time and resources, and we sometimes simply don't have the rights to bring an artist collab to the app. Releasing some soundscapes as static albums allow us to quickly produce them while making our sound accessible to more people who can benefit from it. You'll always find our most innovative, and scientifically beneficial soundscapes in the Endel apps.

  • You want to use Endel on your Alexa

    There are two ways to start using Endel on your Alexa device:

    - Say "Alexa, start Endel"


    - Open the Amazon Alexa app, add the Endel skill, and launch it on the device of your choice.

    You will be able to use our core soundscapes – Focus, Relax, Sleep, and Wind Down – for free and without time limits.

    To enjoy the full version, which includes all premium soundscapes including artist collaborations, plus a timer, a smart alarm, and smart soundscape suggestions, you need to create an Endel account and purchase a subscription. If you already have an account with an active subscription, there are two ways to link it to your device:

    1. Open Endel on your phone or computer.
    2. Press the three dots on the home screen.
    3. Choose “Settings.”
    4. Authorize Alexa and follow the instructions.


    - Say, "Alexa, start Endel and link my account," and follow the instructions.

    To start the trial version of Endel, say “Alexa, start Endel and link account,” and follow the instructions in the Amazon Alexa app to create a new account. When you have created an account and connected it with the skill, a 7-day trial will start, during which you can listen to all Endel soundscapes – as well as enjoying the timer, smart alarm, and smart soundscape suggestions – and decide if you want to purchase a subscription after the trial expires.

    To purchase an Endel subscription:

    - Download Endel to your device, create an account, and select the desired subscription plan in the app or on the Endel page in your app store.


    - Go to payment.endel.io and select the desired subscription plan.


    - Say “Alexa, start Endel and buy subscription,” and follow the instructions.

  • You want to use Endel’s timer and smart alarm on your Alexa

    You can use the timer and smart alarm in the full version of Endel for Alexa:

    To start the timer, select a soundscape and say how long you want it to run for. For example, "Alexa, start Endel and play Focus for 15 minutes."

    To set the alarm, select a soundscape and end time. For example, "Alexa, start Endel and play Sleep till 8 a.m."

    Don't worry if Alexa doesn't accept the name of the soundscape or the time. She will ask for the missing information.

  • Smart soundscape suggestions on your Alexa

    In Endel on Alexa, the interface recommends soundscapes that are appropriate for the time of day, and remembers your choices in order to suggest your favorite soundscape for a given moment. This skill feature works on Alexa devices both with and without a screen, and in both the full and trial versions of Endel.

  • How do I use Endel on my Apple TV?

    Endel for Apple TV is very different from our apps for other platforms. For now, only one soundscape is available: Wind Down, which will help you relax during the day, get ready for bed, and sleep deeply. The Endel app for Apple TV is completely free.


    To enjoy Endel on your Apple TV:

    1. Open the App Store on Apple TV
    2. Select the "Apps" category from the menu
    3. Enter "Endel" in the search bar
    4. On the application page, click "Get"


    On one of the first screens, the app will ask you to set your Bedtime. This setting tells the algorithm when to switch from sounds for relaxation to sounds encouraging sleep. You can change it at any time in the application settings. When the main screen with the Endel player opens, press the "Location" button at the top and allow the application to use your location data. This maximizes Endel’s effect by enabling the soundscape to adapt to your environment. Endel for Apple TV adapts according to the weather, the time of day, and the current phase of your circadian rhythm.


    In the lower-left corner of the main screen, you will find useful information on your current and upcoming circadian rhythm phases, as well as data on light level, cloudiness, weather, and sunrise and sunset times.


    Once you’ve set your Bedtime, enjoy a soundscape specially produced with Endel by singer/songwriter James Blake. When it's Bedtime, the sound will switch to night mode, similar to the Sleep soundscape found in other Endel apps. Read more about how Endel helps you sleep better here.

  • You are keen to know more about Endel

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